What’s going on at FVDRA you say?

Well, your FVDRA Executive, Yale First Nations, Barrick Mining, and the Cascade Lower Canyon Community Forest (CLCCF) teams have been hard at work planning, discussing, organizing, planting, clearing, and overall piecing back together our riding area. It’s been an amazing year of rebuilding and the puzzle is coming together nicely. We are so thankful to the partnership between all of these parties to help rebuild FVDRA.

As the saying goes, it takes a village…and

        BRAAP….              HERE we are rebuilding our club!

For this week’s post, let’s talk kids! FVDRA has always been known as a family friendly club. Most of us have tons of good memories associated with teaching our kids to ride at Nicklemine so we were sad when the kids’ riding loop was impacted by all of the logging and tailings pond maintenance that has been happening over the past few years.

Well, this year, Barrick Mining left us with a very well prepared practice area and we have completed phase one of the kids’ riding loop and it’s three times bigger than it was originally. The track provides a safe, controlled environment for parents to teach their kids how to ride on small wheel bikes. There are about a dozen small berms for practicing those sizzling corners and the area will be further improved with next year’s plans. We need more dirt to install full size berms – it’s always about the dirt!!! Please, for now if you are a big wheel bike or a beginner adult, the 5km Beaver Tail Loop is a better option for you to practice riding.

Where is that practice area? To get there pass through the 3.5km yellow gate but head to the LEFT at the fork, then pass through a small yellow gate and immediately turn RIGHT (not left as this is a restricted area, not for our use). About 500m away, there is a small sign on the right marking the staging area road entrance (see map). More on the exciting new staging area next week.

Why don’t you come try it out with your family! With 126 members and growing, we are proud to be the Fraser Valley Dirt Riders Association. Why don’t you help us establish some healthy membership numbers – join the club and show us you care about your riding area! Just visit www.fvdra.com to get your membership!

Map June 2018.jpg
kids track 2.jpg
Sarah Williams