Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group (CRAG) Meeting notes Oct 2015

Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting Notes from October 15, 2018

(Chilliwack Resource District Office on Airport Road in Chilliwack)

Attending: Tom Blackbird (RSTBC), Dan Bradley (RSTBC), Luc Anderson (RSTBC), Harry Waldron (COC), Rose Schroeder (BCHBC), Karen Black (RNATV), Leon Lebrun (Trails BC), Ryan Thom (BMMC),  Mike Overhoff (DSBC), David Oliver (LMBCWF), Irma Oliver (guest), Richard Albertson (BMMC), Megan Elias (Trail Running), Rob Morley (Trail Running), Brian Romak (BC Snow Fed), Shayne Dumas (DSBC), Cal Kaytor (SWATT), Dwight Harris (GVMC), Donna Elias (BCHBC), Josh Morneau (4WDABC).

Meeting Opened – at 7:08 pm by Tom Blackbird.

Additional Agenda Topics:

- Hemlock CRA, West Harrison

- Tamahi Staging Area: trailer

- North 256 gates: Maple Ridge

- First Nations treaty news release

- ATV Training session

- TCT repairs by Centennial

- projects for 2019: discuss in November

Chilliwack District News

RSTBC Updates:

 Garbage Bins and Pick Up in CRV and Sumas Mountain– after October 31, 2018 there will be no more garbage bins nor pick up in the CRV or Sumas Mtn.  RSTBC may need to post signs directing people to the municipal waste sites. This has never really been the responsibility of RSTBC and is costly.  If there are more complaints of garbage: off road – Ministry of Forests, near the road – FVRD and shoulder of the road – Ministry of Transport.

 Provincial RSTBC Meeting – in Victoria on November 6, 7, 8, 2018.  If there are issues your group would like to see discussed, contact Tom Blackbird.

Reminder – to Tom to follow up on day use fees with Tamahi West host.

Discussion on Rec Site Fees – 2nd vehicle fees: as of January 1, 2019, a new policy will be adopted for second (and extra) vehicles in a site.  The fees will be reduced to half of the site fee.  Also, RSTBC and BCParks are working to have the same policy for Senior Rates.  At the moment BCParks has no Senior Rates from start of May Long weekend to day after Labor Day Long weekend, for BC residents only.  Senior rates start after the Sept long weekend. RSTBC has Senior Rates all year long for any Senior resident of Canada.  Any change to these policies has to be approved by the Minister.

Discussion on Camp Site Reservations – BC Parks and RSTBC are different here as well.  A Rec Site will only reserve 50% of spots in a Rec Site, the rest are on a first come, first serve basis.   All this info and more can be found on the websites and Facebook pages.

* Note – this will be the last year for winter camping at Golden Ears Prov Park.  In 2019 winter camping will be moved to Rolley Lake Prov Park.

Bridal Falls Gondola Presentation – postponed to November 19 meeting. Be prepared with questions.

Forest Fertilization Operations – in the CRV and Sumas Mtn.  Spreading will be done by helicopter and will cross few if any trails.  Pellets are harmless. Some work will happen on weekends as well.  Staging areas are:

- CRV near the Rapids Rec Site: might take a couple of weeks.

- Sumas Mtn at the upper parking lot: will be about 3 days of flying, gate will be closed.

Notices will be posted.  Luc A will let us know the sites and dates when confirmed.

Hudson Bay Brigade Trail – BC Timber Sales has notified that they are planning to reinstate the road from the Peers Creek Staging area to about 4 km.  At this time this is the HBBT. Road works will go up to near Manson’s Camp.  The Sowaqua FSR will also be upgraded. Expecting this to happen 6-9 months from now.

Section 56 and 57’s – user groups format for submissions has not changed.  RSTBC staff have now received their new format and can soon proceed.

Sarah Williams