Off Road Vehicle Registration Info

As of Nov 1, 2015 all off road vehicles are required to be registered and display a registration plate or sticker. The one time registration fee is $48.00.At time of registration you must provide proof of ownership and pay any applicable taxes.

  • 12% tax charged if purchased July 1 2010 - present

  • 7% PST charged if purchased before July 1 2010

  • If you gift your bike to a family member they are exempt from the 7% PST. Provide the FIN319 Gift of a Vehicle form to your insurance broker along with a bill of sale for the bike or a Notary statement of ownership.

To off load in a parking area or cross a highway at a controlled crossing you must also purchase an insurance sticker for your plate which will cost $50.00 for one year of basic insurance coverage.

Off Road Vehicles are not given full access to operate on forest service roads unless they are insured against third party liabilities for a minimum amount of $200,000. Third party liability can be purchased at your agent or through BCORMA in conjunction with a Platinum Trail Pass.

  • The advantage of the BCORMA insurance is the rider is insured on any bike or ATV.

  • Agency insurance - insures the bike or ATV

Off Road Vehicles are not required to have third party liability insurance to operate on Crown Land or private land but it is recommended.
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Forest Service Road Requirements


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