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Off road vehicle registration requirement as of Nov 1, 2015

- As of Nov 1, 2015 all off road vehicles are required to be registered and display a registration plate or sticker. The one time registration fee is $48.00.
- At time of registration you must provide proof of ownership and pay any applicable taxes.
12% tax charged if purchased July 1 2010 - present
7% PST charged if purchased before July 1 2010
For payment of tax use form FIN405 payable at any Services BC office
If you gift your bike to a family member they are exempt from the 7% PST.
Provide the FIN319 Gift of a Vehicle form to your insurance broker along with a bill of sale for the bike or a Notary statement of ownership.
- To off load in a parking area or cross a highway at a controlled crossing you must also purchase an insurance sticker for your plate which will cost $50.00 for one year of basic insurance coverage.

- Off Road Vehicles are not given full access to operate on forest service roads unless they are insured against third party liabilities for a minimum amount of $200,000
- Off Road Vehicles are not required to have third party liability insurance to operate on Crown Land or private land but it is recommended.
Registration Info Website
Forest Service Road Requirements


Trail Passes

BCORMA's Trail Passes are now available at the BCORM Webite.

Get a Trail Pass today at the BCORMA Store.

Purchases of BCORMA Trail Passes supported any number of trail projects across B.C. Bridge re-building, trail signage, parking lot graveling, fixing root steps, Club trail project days, creating new sustainable trail, and repairing access roads.

Trail Passesfund volunteer trail stewards, shovels, saws, gas, trail signs, maps and BCORMA's fight to ride.

All funds stay in the dirt bike community.

Platinum Insured - Trail Passes3rd party insurance coverage, no matter what machine you are riding that day.

Platinum Trail Pass puts more funds back into our trails.

Need more information?

Give Peter, the Executive Director a call or e-mail.




Riding Areas

BC Nickelmine Tailing Ponds - Hope, BC

"The F.V.D.R.A.' s Home Base & Campsite"

Head North out of Hope on Hwy 1 for about 12kms (Towards Hells Gate).

Turn Left onto BC Nickelmine Road (After Texas Creek). Take the paved road and keep following it until it turns to gravel. Once you see the big sign on the tree take the steep hill to the right and your on your way (stay to the right) there is a staging area at the top for you to unload.

To get to the members campsite continue to keep left and pass through the gate. You will see a Trail Listing & Map kiosk at the entrance to our camp. If you are not a member and are interested in our club just ask for a director or another member to show you around.



Peg Leg - Chilliwack

Give yourself about an hour from Vancouver.

Follow the #1 Trans Canada Highway east bound.

Approximately 5 minutes after Chilliwack take Exit 123 Prest Rd.

Head North (left over freeway) down Prest Rd. It will go over some tracks then dog leg to the right and end at Yale Rd.

Take a left (west) on Yale Rd. Go 1.5km down Yale Rd and turn right (north) at the IGA on Menzies Rd.

Follow Menzies Rd. over the river and turn right on Hope River Rd.

Folow Hope River Rd. for 2km and turn left (north) on McSween Rd.

Follow McSween Rd. for 3km cross over a Slough and when you get to the "Y" go left over the rise and down a dirt road till see the Peg Leg Bar riding area.

For vehicle access to the riding area, water levels at the Hope bridge of under 3.5 meters are preferred. Levels higher than that may prevent access for some vehicles.

To check the Fraser River water level click this link.


British Columbia, Canada

(Photo: Greenstone Mountain 2008)



Herrling Island

Blocked - No Access !!!

Closed by Kruger Paper Products

(Seasonal due to river conditions) Directions: Travel East on Hwy 1. Take the 146 Exit (Mount Cheam Area). Before overpass bridge, turn Left onto Herrling Island Road (Heading West). Follow road until road turns right and head through tunnel. Cross over train tracks and follow road onto the island. Please be sure to respect the spawning channel and DO NOT drive through the spawning channel as this disrupts the habitat of spawning salmon. If you wish to continue riding at Herrling then please use the culvert, that is what it is there for!




(Info from G.K.M.A. Website)


Greenstone Mtn.(a.k.a. Duffy Lake)

"The Lookout at Greenstone"

As seen at the top of the page with some FVDRA Members in 2008

From Kamloops

Drive south on Highway #5 (Coquihalla Highway) until you come to EXIT 362 which is the intersection of the Coquihalla and the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway #1. Take EXIT 362 and proceed on Highway #1.

After 6.9 km there will be a gas station on the left. At 7.6 km take a left turn on to Greenstone Road. Drive for 2km on the gravel road until you come to a junction. Take the road that goes off to the right (Duffy Lake FSR). Drive 1.7 km at which point you will go under some power lines, go approximately 0.3 km further at which point there will be a parking area of to your right. There is a large resource management sign at the entrance to the parking area.

From Vancouver

As you are approaching Kamloops from the South take EXIT 362 Trans-Canada Highway, Highway #1 and follow the above directions.

Inks Lake

From Kamloops

Drive south on Highway #5 (Coquihalla Highway) 6 km. past the turn off of Highway #1 until you see an Exit for INKS LAKE (Exit 355). Follow the paved exit for 700 metres until you come to a stop sign. Turn left and follow the gravel road over a cattle guard and 300 metres to main parking area on the right.

From Vancouver

As you are approaching Kamloops from the south on Highway #5 (Coquihalla Highway) you will come down a 5 to 10 kilometre hill. Take exit 355 (INKS LAKE). Follow exit ramp and turn left to go under Highway. Follow paved exit ramp for 600 metres until you get to tee in road. Go straight ahead on gravel road and over cattle guard. Drive 300 metres straight ahead to main parking area on the right.

Chuwels Mtn.

From Kamloops

Take Exit # 366 off of Highway #5/1 ( Versatile Petro-Canada) and turn right onto Lac Le Juene Road. Drive south 25 km. on Lac Le Juene Road and turn right onto Chuwels Mountain Road across from Stake Lake Recreation Area.

From Vancouver

As you are approaching Kamloops from the south on Highway #5 (Coquihalla Highway) you will come to the turn off for Logan Lake (Exit 355). Take exit #355 off highway # 5 and proceed to the left to Lac Le Juene Road. Drive approximately 20 km on Lac Le Juene road and the turn Left on to Chuwels Mountain Road (Across from Stake Lake Recreation Area).

Goose Lake

If you are driving from Cache Creek, take exit #366 from Hwy 1. Turn onto Lac le Jeune road, and drive south until you reach Goose Lake road. Head east until you reach the Goose Lake ORV area. You can also take exit #336 if you are coming from Merritt.


Lytton B.C

"Westcoast DirtRiders"


Drive 20 km North of Lytton on HWY. 12, Turn Right on Lauwissin Creek Forest Service Road Travel for 14 KM from the HWY to Staging area.


Riding Etiquette


Trail Etiquette

Head Count

Signal to oncoming riders the number of riders behind you in your group so they know how many people they have to pass before picking up their pace again.

Bring it Down

If an oncoming rider is riding too fast, signal him to slow down by using a downward pushing motion with your hand palm down.

Turn Signal #1

Remember the hand signals your dad showed you when you learned to ride a bike? To signal that you will be turning left, point to the left using your left hand.

Turn Signal #2

To signal an upcoming right-hand turn, use your left arm so you can still work the throttle and front brake with your right hand. Point up with your elbow at a 90-degree angle.

Foot Pointing

When a faster rider is over taking you, signal with a leg kick to which side they should pass. If you want them to pass on the right, point to the right with your right leg. And make sure you give them room!

Look Out Below

It isn't just other riders who can cut short your fun-filled day of riding. Point out hard-to-see obstacles to riders behind you; it may save them from taking a soil sample.

Stop, Then Go

At major obstacles like drop-off and gullies, stop and signal those behind you to do the same before riding through. It's better to take the extra few seconds to let everyone know of the danger than spend the rest of the day carrying your buddy's broken bike or body back home. Not only is it important to communicate with others on the trail, you also should arrange your group in a way that is safe and fun for everyone.

Group Organization

Keep children and less experienced riders in the middle of the group. That way they have a better rider to follow and learn from as well as someone to watch out and help from behind. No inexperienced rider likes to be left to fend for themself.

Account for Everyone

Play leapfrog. The leader should stop at every intersection and wait for the second rider, who will then wait for the rest of the group to pass and take up the rear to the next intersection.

Remember! There are many ways to communicate within your group. The most important thing is to make sure that you go over all of the signals and rules with everyone before you ride. Remember common sense goes a long way on the trail; Slow down for blind corners, keep to the right, always ride in control and expect oncoming riders. Road rules don't apply on the trail; if there is an accident on the trail, it's a no-fault situation, and no one person is held liable even if that one person is riding like a doofus. It is often best to presume there is a squid around every corner and prepare accordingly.

Dirt Rider Magazine offers a wide variety of Pro Riding Tips in their magazines and on their website.









Fire Bans in the B.C. Area

Click here for a direct link.

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